Xbox Uses AI And Minecraft To Teach Children About Internet Safety

We all know that Xbox has always tried to use an interactive single-player Minecraft game to help teach children about internet safety along with cultural inclusion right before Global Safer Internet Day.

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Whether or not gaming on a PC or an Xbox Series X|S, no doubt being safe on the internet is always a big priority. Now thanks to a new Minecraft game, Privacy Prodigy, children aged 7-18 can play and learn about this very important skill.

According to a post made by Xbox, Privacy Prodigy is an “immersive game-based learning experience”, which is basically carrying on the CyberSafe series tradition from Minecraft Education. Along with this learning tool, kids will understand “how to keep their data safe” and thanks to challenges which will promote informed decision-making about who should have their important information and why.

Xbox said that the young players will also learn different strategies for protecting their personal data and a few methods to mitigate any issues which can potentially rise from compromised information. Xbox hopes that this will hopefully teach students digital literacy skills and also the complicated idea of trust on the internet.

Sure, communication is the main part of any gaming experience, and as the user don’t usually interact face-to-face with another player when online, words can carry a heavier meaning. So this is why Xbox has used an AI and a human insights-powered Community Sift platform to classify and to filter out all the content from pictures, messages, and even videos.

Moreover, the Community Sift feature helps specialists figure out what language is considered to be offensive and also what is simply gaming slang or a part of one’s culture. But will this really help? Well, by using this method, kids will learn how to be better online, also Xbox is trying to improve their digital footprint as well as make the learning environment safer.

Minecraft has always tried to promote creativity thanks to its blocky builds and wild, unpredictable adventures.Also, teaming this fun game with a productive educational experience is undoubtedly a no-brainer to make learning fun and engaging for the young generation. No doubt, this is a great way to let the kid’s learn and the parent’s relax.

Minecraft Education is developer Mojang’s game-based platform which allows its user’s to handle problems and new learning from various different perspectives within the familiar world of Minecraft.

For instance, the creator of Minecraft, Mojang has promotes an hour of code which encourages its players to learn programming skills to win from the puzzle-filled rooms. Also, another exercise has you exploring five different Minecraft worlds and viewing life as the different animals which basically inhabit them with added information from the BBC series Frozen Planet II.

These interesting 500+ lessons, challenges, and immersive worlds is a great and creative way to make learning fun for the new young generation. Also, adding internet safety to this long list of educational activities is a great way to engage and promote safe digital interactions for children of all ages.

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