WWE 2K23 Reveals Standard, Deluxe & Icon Edition Exciting Features

Most wrestling fans eagerly anticipate the release of WWE 2K23 after the successful launch of WWE 2K22 because it is expected to surpass its predecessor in nearly all measurable ways.

The game is available in a number of different versions, each of which offers a variety of digital extras in exchange for the player’s hard-earned money. The main distinctions between the Standard, Deluxe, and Icon editions of WWE 2K23 will be outlined in this guide for those who are having trouble deciding which copy to purchase.

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What Does WWE 2K23’s Standard Edition Come With?

The WWE 2K23 Standard edition, as the name might imply, only offers the game’s core functionality to players. The Bad Bunny Bonus Pack, which makes Bad Bunny a playable Superstar, is only available to those who pre-order the Standard edition. Additionally, they will receive a unique Ruby Bad Bunny card for use in the MyFACTION mode of WWE 2K23.

Players will have to pay $69.99, £64.99, or €74.99 for the Standard edition on the PS5 and Xbox Series (Cross-Gen) and $59.99, £59.99, or €69.99 on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

What Does WWE 2K23’s Deluxe Edition Come With?

In addition to the Bad Bunny Bonus Pack, those who preorder WWE 2K23’s Deluxe edition will also get three days of early access, allowing them to begin playing the game on March 14 rather than the game’s official release date of March 17.

Additionally, they will receive the WWE 2K23 Season Pass, which this year comes with five post-launch DLC Superstar packs, the MyRise Mega-Boost pack, and the Supercharger pack, which instantly unlocks all of the WWE Legends and throwback arenas in the game’s base version.

In addition to all of this, players who choose the Deluxe edition will also receive the Deluxe Edition Bonus Pack, which contains three Basic Day 1 pack and four exclusive MyFACTION cards (John Cena, Bianca Belair, Asuka, and Edge). On all platforms, the Deluxe edition of WWE 2K23 will set you back $99.99, £89.99, or €99.99.

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What Does WWE 2K23’s Icon Edition include?

Some players may be swayed by the fact that WWE 2K23’s Icon Edition can only be purchased digitally when choosing which edition to purchase. In addition to the WWE 2K23 Season Pass and the Deluxe Edition Bonus Pack, the Icon edition also comes with the Bad Bunny Bonus Pack and three days of early access as pre-order bonuses.

Also included in the Ruthless Aggression Pack, which also includes the Wrestlemania 22 arena and the John Cena Legacy Championship, and retro versions of John Cena, Batista, Brock Lesner, and Randy Orton are also included in the Ruthless Aggression Pack. The Icon Edition Bonus Pack also comes with three Deluxe Premium Day 1 pack and an Emerald Paul Heyman manager card for MyFACTION.

Pre-Order Bonuses For WWE 2K23 Standard Edition

The Standard Edition, which can be found on the official 2K23 website, is the most basic version and includes rewards for pre-ordering the game. Players will receive the Ruby Bad Bunny MyFACTION card, similar to the MyFACTION cards from WWE 2K22, and the playable character Bad Bunny as a bonus for pre-ordering the Standard Edition. This edition is USD 59.99, which is the standard price for a new game.

While the Deluxe Edition of WWE 2K23 includes the same base game and Bad Bunny Bonus Pack as the Standard Edition, it also grants players a few extra benefits. Beyond giving players the five post-launch DLC character packs, the WWE 2K23 Season Pass includes quite a few bonuses for the Deluxe Edition. The Season Pass also comes with 200 Attribute Points, a MyRISE Mega-Boost Pack, and a Supercharger Pack that unlocks all base-game Legends so they can join the WWE 2K23 character roster with throwback arenas in addition to the DLC.

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Bonuses For WWE 2K23’s ICON Edition

Along with Leviathan Batista, Throwback Randy Orton, and Throwback Brock Lesnar, the Prototype Cena MyFACTION card and playable Prototype Cena are exclusive to the ICON Edition. The final bonuses of an Emerald Paul Heyman Manager MyFACTION card and three Deluxe Premium Launch MyFACTION packs include the WrestleMania 22 Arena. John Cena’s Legacy Championship Belt, featured on the cover of WWE 2K23, is another bonus. Players will need to pay USD 119.99 for everything.

The various WWE 2K23 editions have been created so that novice and expert players can find a version that suits them. WWE 2K23 carries on the trend started by WWE 2K22 and produces another entertaining wrestling title. WWE 2K23’s Deluxe and ICON Editions allow players to enter the arena early and become their Legend if they can’t wait.

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