Wild Hearts: How To Get Large Piece of Ore

There’s no doubt that Monster Hunter should take note of how Wild Hearts makes the most of its maps. Wild Hearts is now finally able to have those same locations that hold all the materials needed for low, mid, and ecen high-rank gear simply by using a “Chapter” system, even though the MH games undoubtedly have more locations with greater complexity and visual acuity.

Players can choose which Chapter they want the map they spawn into by dividing the story into Chapters. The Large Piece of Ore is one of the most sought-after resources, and different maps also have different resources. Let’s discuss how to farm these items in Wild Hearts, where to find them, and what they look like.

Let’s start by discussing the materials’ multi-tiered system in Wild Hearts. Similar to different biomes, in reality, each map in Wild Hearts has its own ecology. This means that each player in the game has access to their own Small Kemono, Forging Materials, Food, and Creatures.

There are two “types” of forging materials: a general pool of “basic” forging materials and forging materials specific to a given color map. Cornerstones, Ores, Large Pieces of Ore, Lumps of Ore, and Spirit Stones are the general forging materials, listed from least to most rare.

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The map-specific materials, however, typically come in two tiers, with Chapters 1 and 2 serving as low-rank gear and Chapters 3 and 4 serving as high-rank gear, respectively (Chapters 3 onward). For instance, in the first two Chapters, players will find Small Crystal Ore in red geodes near Harugasumi Way; however, in Chapters 3 and later, if a player is on Harugasumi Way, those same geodes will always contain Sakura Stone.

The general Forging Materials, however, have a slightly different appearance. It is an outcropping of long crystals clumped together, with the color varying between maps. Players will understand when they see them (Red for Harugasumi Way, Yellow for Akikure Canyon, as well as Blue for Fuyufusagi Fort).

Except the current Chapter, all of these outcroppings have a “pool” of items that can be acquired when the player interacts with them. Players can only ever obtain Corestone or Ore from these in Chapters 1 and 2, but starting with Chapter 3, players can also use this pool of options to acquire Large Pieces of Ore.

Understandably, many players still need to learn how this chapter-based mechanic works since the game generally provides inadequate explanations of its operation. Large Pieces of Ore are typically used for mid- to late-game weapon upgrades, but exceptions exist. However, some armor pieces also need them in order to function.

Now that players are aware of how Wild Hearts’ material system operates, it’s time to discuss where in the game to locate Large Pieces of Ore. Players can count on following a consistent path with each map reload and coming across roughly the same number of interactable because the spawn locations for geodes and crystal outcroppings tend to stay the same across all maps.

All things considered, Large Pieces of Ore are found in caves and along rocky outcroppings, just such as Demon Rock, Sakura Stone, and Golden Hematite. There is a chance for either the geodes or outcroppings to spawn as long as the terrain is almost entirely rock. Additionally, since large pieces of ore are considered “general” forging materials, they can be found on all maps; it just depends on which one player believes is the most effective for gathering the required materials.

While some players will enjoy running through the winding Buddha Caves in the upper left corner of the Akikure Canyon map, others will appreciate how consistently they can find these interactable while climbing Nanohana Hill and in the caves leading to and also from the Great Sakura Clearing in Harugasumi Way.

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How To Get Large Pieces of Ore

Wild Hearts primarily has two ways to farm various forging materials. One involves much less work but is a little more of a “luck of the draw” method. And while the alternative method is much more laborious, it is also much more effective.

Tsukumo Ore Shrines is the first method that relies on luck. These Shrines can be unlocked fairly early in the game and are among the best Dragon Karakuri. And after being set up, these Shrines will dispatch Tsukumo to gather ore that will occasionally spawn on the map on which they are placed. Each one can store five different materials before needing to be emptied, and they typically refill themselves once every half-hour to an hour.

The only drawback is that the Tsukumo’s selection is arbitrary, so players may occasionally find themselves buried in Sakura Stone or receive nothing but Corestone due to these Shrines.

Placing as many of these Shrines at one Camp location on every map, playing the game and hunting as usual, and then returning periodically to check on/empty these Shrines is generally the least intrusive and most time-effective way to farm Large Pieces of Ore.

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The second method, undoubtedly the more time-consuming one, has players devise a “route” through a map that will take them past numerous mineral interactable before reloading the map and repeating the route. Fortunately, a materials filter on the detailed map within each region displays tiny green dots to signify the locations of spawn points for items like food and forging materials. Players can therefore use this map and their knowledge of what typically spawns where to plan their route (for example, the green dots near rocky areas are probably Forging Materials).

Players load into the map, run it, grab everything they can, and also use either by a specific Hunt Icon or even by a different Chapter’s Free Hunt Icon for its map to reload it as well as reset all those mineral spawn locations after the route has been thoroughly planned, verified, and worthwhile to use. Actually, players don’t even have to use one of these techniques exclusively; they can use both.

Place Tsukumo Shrines and run routes to increase the effectiveness of gathering. After using the Large Piece of Ore to craft the items they require, the player can choose whether to keep the surplus items or sell them to the Crimson Treasury for cash.

Well, there you have it! Keep an eye out for the latest content Nexus of Gaming will be posting soon! Stay tuned.

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