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Best Warhammer 40K x World of Tanks Games Ranked 2023

Warhammer 40K crashes the party with its new and exclusive tank. Getting into Warhammer can be both expensive and daunting, So the video games based on the IP have taken off. Here are the best Warhammer 40K game releases in 2023.

A highly well-liked multiplayer game with a focus on armored vehicle combat is called World of Tanks. It was first made available on PC as an open beta in 2010 and then formally released in 2011.

The game gained enormous popularity, and Garth Ennis even created a comic book called World of Tanks: Roll Out. The video game was finally transferred to consoles, starting with the Xbox 360, thanks to the passion of the gaming community. Finally, to the widely used consoles of the present, which includes the Xbox One, PS4, PS5, as well as Nintendo Switch.

The game has also frequently included elements from other media, like Valkyria Chronicles, WWE, and GI Joe: A Real American Hero. Also, another big crossover for the game is going to begin for console players.

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Warhammer 40k Plans 2023

World of Tanks has revealed that the current Gladiators season, which runs from April 11 to June 5, will include a special Warhammer 40K crossover. Also, the new exceptional occasion will take place from May 2 through June 6.

Warhammer 40K has frequently appeared in World of Tanks and played a significant role in Season VIII. However, the first real car from the series will appear in this game for the first time. The Leman Russ, a Warhammer tank available only on consoles, will be added to the crossover.

To ensure accuracy, Games Workshop has reconstructed the Leman Russ heavy tank. The tank looks beautiful and will belong to the playing class of heavy tanks. Players can get five new Premium tanks throughout the event that are based on the Warhammer 40K universe.

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Warhammar 40k 2023 - nexus of gaming

Warhammer 40k X World of Tanks 2023

The tanks are the Ignis Purgatio Medium Tank, Reaper’s Scythe Medium Tank, Teefbreaka Light Tank, and Nemesis Tank Destroyer. Each tank is decorated with many series references and painted to resemble the faction it is based on.

The Leman Russ heavy tank, a massive slab of mechanized armor created particularly for console, triumphantly debuted in World Of Tanks: Modern Armor. Also, the Leman Russ heavy tank for consoles, which bears the name of the Primarch of the Space Wolves Legion, was developed in complete collaboration with Games Workshop.

Tankers will choose to support either the Space Marines or the Sisters of Battle in a large two-stage community event, with the chance to switch to the opposing side during the second stage. And from there, they can work together to combat the Orks and the forces of Chaos with players worldwide.

The Ork stuff will become accessible to all users and for purchase or as prizes after the Orks are destroyed; the same mechanic will apply to the Chaos troops and their in-game content. Veteran director Jason Baughan oversees the voice-overs for the new 3D Hero Commanders (LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, Hitman 2, Fable: The Journey).

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Around 330 lines of dialogue for the Commanders Patricia Laserian of the Sisters of Battle and Volusad Thassius of the Ultramarines are vividly brought to life, grounding the player and setting the mood in the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

The Nemesis Tank Destroyer, Teefbreaka Light Tank, Reaper’s Scythe Medium Tank, as well as Ignis Purgatio Medium Tank, are new faction-affiliated vehicles that join the Leman Russ Heavy Tank in bringing the power of Warhammer 40,000 to World of Tanks: Modern Armor.

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World of Tanks

The fantastic multiplayer game World of Tanks has endured for much longer than many other multiplayer-based games can hope to. There has never been a better time to try Warhammer 40K and tanks if you are a fan.


In conclusion, the Warhammer 40K franchise continues to be a popular choice for gamers worldwide. With its rich lore, diverse factions, and engaging gameplay, it’s no wonder that fans keep coming back for more. As we look ahead to 2023, there are several exciting titles on the horizon that are sure to please both new and veteran players alike.

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