Valorant, League of Legends Experts Can’t Seem To Change Their Twitter Names


Following Twitter’s most recent upgrade, certain Valorant and League of Legends specialists are allegedly displeased that they are unable to adjust.

Professional League of Legends and Valiant esports players are having problems renaming themselves on Twitter. Numerous organisations have lately said that athletes must alter their names in order to reflect current roster changes. However, given the most recent Twitter guidelines, it could take some time.

The Twitter platform has seen significant adjustments since billionaire Elon Musk paid $44 billion to acquire the social media company. According to reports, Twitter Blue, which lets users spend up to $8 to receive a verified checkmark, is the most significant change. This did not go down well, as trolls then attempted to impersonate well-known people and organisations, including well-known video game firms like Nintendo and Valve. Another upgrade that some verified Twitter users found frustrating required assistance in order to modify their Twitter names.

Additionally, other esports professionals have noted that they appear to be experiencing the same issue. Ethan “Ethan” Arnold and Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom, two Valiant players, complained on Twitter that they were unable to change their identities after announcing their transfer to Evil Geniuses and Karmine Corp, respectively. Sren “Bjergsen” Bjerg, a League of Legends player who just departed Team Liquid, has reported having the same problem and added that he was unable to keep up with Twitter’s abrupt changes.

Even though he has yet to explain how he achieved it, ScreaM has already successfully changed his Twitter identity to reflect his company as of the time of writing. But NRG and TL Honda, the names of Ethan and Bjergsen’s previous teams, were still displayed next to their names. Other athletes appeared to be having a different issue at the same moment, as they appeared to be able to quickly alter their Twitter handles upon the announcement of their roster change. It’s conceivable that they called Twitter Support to handle this for them, similar to how rapper Doja Cat recently tweeted the billionaire directly to ask for help.

It is not yet clear whether Musk will continue to provide this function, especially considering that he did so just one day after verified Twitter users impersonated him and mocked him there. Elon Musk’s frequent, pointless Twitter postings have made it more difficult to utilise the well-known site, and this has led to a lot of people becoming reasonably irritated with him. Others, on the other hand, appear to be making fun of the renowned businessman for taking offence at the jokes and criticism directed at him.

Celebrities and esports athletes will be just a few of those impacted by this upgrade if it persists. Esports players and other online users alike must currently wait it out to see if Twitter issues any more updates to address the problem. Even journalists, publishers, government representatives, and other reliable individuals would be bothered by this. When they wanted their name changed, only a select few would have the time to contact Twitter Support, and they would need to be really lucky for Musk to take care of it for them.

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