Unity TargetsTo Open AI Marketplace For Video Game Developers In 2023

Unity and ChatGPT integration can be seen in a shared proof-of-concept video. ChatGPT is becoming more and more common, and it is already utilized in a number of sectors, including customer service, finance, and the healthcare industry. Beyond these more practical applications, ChatGPT may also be used in the creative industry. Now according to the viral video currently going around, game development may be the next sector to experience a change thanks to AI technology.

For those who have been living under a rock, OpenAI’s ChatGPT is a potent language model built on the GPT-3.5 architecture. It can produce human-like answers to a variety of natural language queries. At the same time, one of the most widely used game engines is Unity. Millions of game developers use it to facilitate game development for various platforms, including console, mobile, and PC.

Recently, Unity developer Keijiro Takahashi tweeted a video (since removed) showcasing the ChatGPT plugin for Unity Editor. By using natural language prompts, this plugin enables users to create objects, move them, as well as duplicate them within the engine editor. The potential to transform game development with this official ChatGPT integration is enormous.

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Unity’s Plan For An AI Marketplace

The ChatGPT plugin for AICommand is a GitHub project that needs Unity 2022.2 or later to use and a specific API key. Although the potential of this tool is astounding, it should be remembered that the plugin is only a proof-of-concept at this time. Takahashi admitted that there are times when the plugin doesn’t correctly carry out a command.

Like other AI software, ChatGPT has the potential to develop over time into a more complex and sophisticated system as it takes in the enormous amounts of data that are routinely uploaded to the internet. Furthermore, the designers of the GPT-3.5 architecture are already working on GPT-4, which is expected to set even higher standards. So this advancement increases the possibility of AI-powered game development with little to no programming experience.

Recently, Corridor Crew published a video on YouTube demonstrating how they created an anime-style animation using a combination of AI software as well as video editing methods. This confluence of developments suggests that in the future anyone with a basic understanding of game development technology could create video games without needing to have extensive programming knowledge.

You can find the AICommand project on GitHub. It requires Unity 2022.2 or later and creating a unique API key to be used. Although it is simple to be astounded by the power of this tool, it should be noted that this plugin is currently only meant to serve as a proof-of-concept. Takahashi has further acknowledged the numerous occasions when he entered commands that the plugin mishandled or incorrectly carried out.

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Having said that, ChatGPT, like all AI software, can become more complex over time as it absorbs knowledge from other data routinely uploaded to the internet. So when you add that to the fact that the creators of the GPT-3.5 architecture are also working on the GPT-4, and the idea of creating a full-featured video game without any programming experience becomes conceivable.

The Corridor Crew YouTube channel published a video last month demonstrating how they were able to produce an anime-style animation by combining AI software and video editing. As a result of these two developments, this will be most likely possible for someone with a cursory knowledge of game development technology to make their own video game from scratch in the future.

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