The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim Poison Resist Potion’s Confusing Side Effect

Despite being over ten years old, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s popularity shows no signs of abating. Fans have just discovered a cool ‘new’ detail in the game’s surroundings and a bug that had been undiscovered for 11 years. Now, one fan has discovered that all you really need to finish the game is a poisoned fork. The venerable RPG from Bethesda never ceases to amaze and excite.

Users of Skyrim can approach the game in a variety of ways because of the game’s extremely configurable combat system, which allows players to play any way they like. While some players prefer to use two-handed weaponry, others play more covertly.

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Skyrim also has a few special abilities, such as creating potions and poisons via the alchemy tree. The talents in this skill tree can increase the player’s resistance to poisons or increase the potency of all medicines, which are both highly helpful features. A user of Skyrim has now developed a ridiculously potent poison that delivers absurd damage.

Instead of buying and looting potions, Skyrim’s alchemy crafting system enables players to make their own; however, occasionally mixing certain ingredients will result in undesirable side effects. The robust Skyrim modding community has contributed to the game’s lasting popularity, but sometimes players will find something new in the expansive and engrossing base game.

How To Complete Skyrim Poison Side Effect?

Since its initial release in November 2011, Skyrim has undergone several re-releases that have expanded its availability to additional platforms. A VR version of Skyrim was published in 2017, enabling players to immerse themselves to a new level. The 2021 Skyrim Anniversary Edition, which added a ton of extra material that was previously only accessible as purchased content through the game’s Creation Club, was made available as a free update to huge owners of the Skyrim Special Edition.

Although another Skyrim fan created a poison potion that easily dispatches dragons, AppropriatePotato848’s concoction far outperforms it in terms of damage. It renders the target 90% less resistant to the same status effect for 30 seconds while dealing 60 points of poison damage over 10 seconds. It also deals 60 extra points of stamina damage and greater poison damage. This poison is highly successful at eliminating the enemies players may encounter in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim’s realm, as evidenced by the comments area, where users expressed their admiration for it.

Somehow, a Poison Resist potion that also poisons a Skyrim gamer created the user. The potion gives a flat 19 points of poison damage but increases Poison Resistance by 37% for 60 seconds, which is likely to be largely offset by the potion’s effect. This sounds like a reasonable trade-off, but curiously, the game permits a potion to cause the player to suffer the damage it’s meant to counteract.

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With terms of hilarious and occasionally simply puzzling consequences, alchemy in Skyrim is kind of like a present that keeps on giving. The “quick load potion” is a Waterbreathing potion created by another Skyrim player that instantly kills the user and causes the game to load their most recent save. Since the damage it deals is far less than the 1020 damage dealt by the deadly Potion of Waterbreathing, the Poison Resist potion, which also poisons the player, may still be beneficial in an emergency.

Some potion formulas in Skyrim are generally helpful, despite players still enjoying using the game’s Alchemy system years after it was first introduced to the public. Various potion concoctions offer the player multiple advantageous effects, but some could present a sacrifice, such as the Poison Resist potion covered on this page. For instance, a player can create a potion that strengthens Sneak, Lockpicking and also restores Stamina by mixing Ashen Grass Pod, Pine Thrush Egg, and Purple Mountain Flower.

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