Tekken 8 Game Trailer Highlights Character Paul Phoenix

In the upcoming fighting game Tekken 8, the legendary Paul Phoenix makes a comeback, and a brand-new gameplay trailer showcases his move set. Paul will battle his own destiny in Tekken 8, just like Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima did.

In a Tekken game, Paul Phoenix’s inclusion in the roster and his eerily vertical hairstyle are the only two things that never change. In theory, there are three traditions if you count the bear beating Phoenix. Although Phoenix is entering the King of the Iron Fist tournament this time with a new look that is significantly different from previous incarnations, this tradition is largely maintained for Tekken 8.

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Little has changed regarding Phoenix’s punishment, aside from a new hairstyle that appears to have been lifted from a K-pop boy band. Paul uses a hybrid form of judo and karate to strike opponents with force and accuracy. As seen in the trailer, he still has his signature Death Fist attack, which has a long build-up time but deals tremendous damage if it connects.

Along with Paul Phoenix, the current Tekken 8 cast also includes Kazuya Mishima, Jun Kazama, Jin Kazama, Law, Lars, Jack-8, Nina Williams, and King. The new Heat System, which initiates aggressive attacks and enhances some abilities, is available to all of Tekken 8’s characters. At a later time, Bandai Namco intends to share more details about Tekken 8, including additional new characters.

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Tekken 8’s New Features

The exciting new gameplay in Tekken 8 will emphasize “Aggressive” strategies. With visceral, screen-jarring attacks, dynamic, destructible environments, and Tekken’s distinct fighting game identity, the game will deliver the most thrilling experience yet for both players and spectators. The “Heat System,” a brand-new game mechanic that initiates aggressive attacks with unique moves and enhancements for each character’s abilities, is highlighted in the trailer.

“Fist Meets Fate” in the gripping new Tekken 8 plot. The longest-running video game plot is the Tekken series, which holds the Guinness World Record for that distinction. The tragic tale of the Mishima and Kazama bloodlines and their infamous father-and-son rivalries is continued in Tekken 8.

After that, Paul can be seen riding his motorcycle into the conflict with joy.

Paul’s standard attacks and combos are shown to us, including his quick Superman punch and his potent straight punch to the gut. Additionally, he summons a powerful armored strike that he uses to corner the opponent after it has taken three hits from Law.

Naturally, the trailer shows off Paul’s abilities with Tekken 8’s brand-new Heat System. Oh, and don’t forget about the stage that the two fight on here the helicopter hangar, and for which there is also a stage transition.

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Paul’s Rage Art from Tekken 8 is fully displayed as Bandai Namco’s new showcase comes to an end. Paul uses this potent super move to knock the opponent back with a straight punch, strike a quick pose, and then charge up a punch so powerful that his muscles grow, and the sleeve of his jacket completely explodes.

The world is still engulfed in the devastating war between Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama when this latest installment of the saga picks up where the previous one left off. Jin must now deal with his own fate after what appears to be a defeat at the hands of Kazuya. After being absent from the Tekken series, his mother, Jun Kazama, returns to try to end this family feud.

The roster of Tekken 8 has gradually expanded since its introduction at the September 2022 PlayStation State of Play. The game, which brings a number of new graphical and technical advancements to the series, has already confirmed the appearance of Nina Williams, Marshall Law, Kazuya and Jin Mishima, Jun Kazuma, and Kazuya and Jin Mishima. The Heat Gauge, which can be used to initiate a Heat Burst and give players more options for aggression in combat, is the most significant of these new gameplay mechanics.

A closed alpha will take place later in March at selected offline locations worldwide; the first will be a location test for Tekken 7 players at Evo Japan 2023. Although Tekken 8 has yet to be given a release date, it will be available on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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