Steam Deck Getting A Brand New Gun Gadget in 2023?

The strangest accessory yet for Valve’s Steam Deck will likely be an actual rifle stock on which the portable computer can be mounted. While most manufacturers of accessories and add-ons for the Deck have chosen to release cases, carrying bags, and other corresponding pieces of equipment, some of them are pondering riskier, more unconventional ways of utilizing the device’s various features.

It’s not shocking to see the plethora of businesses that leaped at the chance to throw their own hat into the ring. Valve has always intended for the community to utilize the Steam Deck as a starting point for their customizations and mods. Because of the Deck’s somewhat underpowered technology, VR itself isn’t a realistic choice, but there are some intriguing options.

Steam Deck - Nexus of Gaming

What Is Steam Deck’s Secret Plan?

The aptly titled Steam Gun comprises a unique plastic controller integrated into a two-handed weapon grip and the Deck coupled to the top-mounted rail system. It is now available for those who want to enjoy amazing multiplayer gaming on the Steam Deck.

The Steam Gun uses the Deck’s potent gyroscopic powers to give the user the illusion that they are using a real gun to aim. According to the company’s advertising materials, this improves immersion significantly; nevertheless, it should be noted that the user still needs to utilize traditional joysticks to navigate around, mainly depending on gyro for precise aim movements.

Steam Deck - Nexus of Gaming

While using the Steam Gun should just require a minor adjustment to the gyro on the Steam Deck, there are other issues with this admittedly unproven product. The Gun’s attachment point for the Deck must also be trusted because it needs to be more obvious how durable it is or whether the handheld could finish up falling off the rail during fierce firefights. Incidentally, the item’s pricing is high, with the store page stating that the starting price is a whopping $229.

Leaving aside the obvious problems, the organization behind the Steam Gun has done well in advancing the Steam Deck modification scene. Even if the flashing buttons on the Steam Deck are intriguing, crazy devices like the Steam Gun are in another class.

Steam Deck - Nexus of Gaming

The Steam Gun isn’t the first instance of a startup employing Valve’s portable gaming Computer to think beyond the box, demonstrating the Deck’s value as an innovation incubator. For example, solid-state cooling fans for the Steam Deck may soon become a reality, ushering in a brand-new paradigm shift in low-energy cooling systems.

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