Sony Recently Cuts Production of PlayStation VR2 Headsets After Many Disappointing Pre-Orders

PlayStation VR2 Headsets - Nexus of Gaming

PlayStation VR2 headsets; Sony has reduced their production following various disappointing pre-orders from excited fans. Ever since PlayStation’s debut in the massive video game industry, Sony has further expanded its brand to provide home consoles and various accessories, such as VR headsets. The infamous PlayStation brand has some of the best-selling gaming consoles ever and has become a massive staple in the gaming industry in the nearly 3 decades since its debut to the world.

PlayStation VR2 Headsets - Nexus of Gaming

The PlayStation brand is a pretty significant influence in the gaming industry as it currently holds the record for the best-selling home console to date with their notorious PlayStation 2. Now while PlayStation has made itself a household name around the globe, the company still tries to develop cutting edge tech along with new ways for their users to experience its products.

Also, Sony has dipped its hands into the virtual reality market in the year 2016 with the release of the famous PlayStation VR2 headset, which was formerly known as Project Morpheus. And not long after the release of the PlayStation VR2 headset, Sony made an announcement stating that the sales of the VR headset had far exceeded the company’s expectations.

Now even though the original PlayStation VR headset may have exceeded expectations, the PlayStation VR2 headset might not be following in its footsteps. A source confirmed that Sony had to cut the expectations for the headset after disappointing pre-orders. Initially, Sony had predicted around 2 million units to be sold over this year’s quarter and it has now halved that forecast to 1 million units. The company is planning to ship roughly 1.5 million units by spring next year.

Moreover, the major contributor to the reduced production of the PlayStation VR2 is the headset’s price. The PlayStation VR2 launches at a staggering price tag of $549.99 in retail price, which is actually more than the price of the PlayStation 5 console itself.

Also, the virtual reality headset comes in a package deal with two PlayStation VR2 Sense controllers along with stereo headphones too. Another reason for the decline in demand is the general lackluster momentum for the VR gaming community as a whole in today’s market.

And with the hefty price tag, the PlayStation VR2 headset is right now one of the cheapest modern VR headsets in the VR market. The PlayStation VR2 also has a diverse lineup of launch games, which includes a spin-off of the iconic Horizon series with the Horizon Call of the Mountain.

Yet still, fans need more time to be ready to commit to such a big investment for a VR experience in 2023. So, it will definitely be interesting to see how Sony and other gaming giants adjust to that decline of interest in Virtual Reality gaming over the next few years.

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