Sony Is Building Up To A Big PlayStation Showcase In 2023

Sony Playstation’s 2023 announcements have been lacking thus far despite presentations from the big three, and this is particularly true for the latter. While Nintendo officially unveiled Pikmin 4 and DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and Xbox gave extensive updates on Redfall, Forza Motorsport, and other games, PlayStation’s most recent State of Play was a letdown with hardly any significant updates But hopefully, all this indicates is that Sony is getting ready for a PlayStation Showcase that will be absolutely incredible later this year.

Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony all skipped E3 this year, but they all hold their own presentations around the same time, with Sony’s being the venerable PlayStation Showcase.

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What Is Sony Planning To Do?

Sony typically makes excellent use of this occasion, revealing some of its most significant upcoming titles and giving thorough updates on the most eagerly awaited releases. If the most recent State of Play is any indication, Sony may be putting money aside for a sizable PlayStation Showcase.

The most recent State of Play from Sony was generally underwhelming. Aside from the 15-minute Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League deep-dive, which had its own problems, fans only received a few character announcements for Street Fighter 6 and saw a new gameplay trailer for Resident Evil 4 Remake.

While it’s great to learn that Tchia is coming to PlayStation Plus Extra on day one, that information could have quickly been revealed in a PlayStation Blog post. This most recent State of Play had many announcements that felt like filler.

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The staggering number of highly anticipated games PlayStation is currently working on was a major point of confusion at the recent State of Play due to their absence.

Sony has a ton of games preparing for release later this year, so it’s a little perplexing that the recent State of Play didn’t feature them in any way, even though some highly anticipated PlayStation games are still in the early stages of development and fans won’t likely see them for a while. But many believe Sony is getting ready for a significant PlayStation Showcase later this year.

The upcoming PlayStation Showcase may feature more exclusive games than ever before. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be shown off at the upcoming PlayStation Showcase because Sony and Insomniac probably wanted to wait until it was closer to its anticipated Fall release date.

Sony - Playstation - Nexus of Gaming

The Silent Hill 2 remake is another major upcoming PlayStation game that might get a new trailer but has yet to set a release date. Given that the release of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is set for Winter 2023, a full gameplay trailer will probably be presented at the following PlayStation Showcase. The eagerly anticipated The Last of Us multiplayer game must also be close at hand at this point. And even that is only the beginning.

Sony is also working on a ton of first-party games that have yet to be announced, and some of them may get a trailer in a future PlayStation Showcase. For starters, Bungie is rumored to be developing a number of first-person shooters for Sony, possibly even some with live service.

Both Blood and Truth’s London Studio and Returnal developer Housemarque have confirmed they are working on another PlayStation project. According to rumors, Sucker Punch is also developing a new game that will be a Ghost of Tsushima sequel. There are many upcoming PlayStation first-party games, and a few of them will be unveiled at the upcoming PlayStation Showcase.

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