Riot Expanding League Of Legend’s Challenges System Soon In 2023

League of Legends is getting some intriguing new features from Riot Games. The studio recently disclosed its plans to significantly alter the game’s ranking system and introduce two new champions later this year.

The video game League of Legends is incredibly popular. Given that the game is almost ten years old and that new champions, items, and skins are continually being released, it’s simple to overlook some more dated, less flashy elements. While Riot has worked hard to keep many of these earlier features, a sizable percentage of them have been set aside as the game progresses.

The announcement followed the appearance of a preview of the future heroes. The studio is purportedly adding the assassin Naafiri and the enchanter Milio. Players and fans can anticipate the arrival of these new heroes later this year, even if the creators still need to provide an official release date.

Players who noticed this have questioned Riot about their plans for the older systems that haven’t yet been discontinued.

One gamer, in particular, vented their dissatisfaction on Reddit, going into great detail about each system’s shortcomings at the time. The user continued by listing specific systems currently frustrating him, including Clash, Challenges, Eternals & Champion Mastery, Profile Customization, and the Honor System.

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Riot’s Plan To Revamp Older Systems In League Of Legends

Thankfully, an LoL developer noticed this and was able to respond to the player, providing some information about the future intentions for the player systems.

Before going into greater detail about some of the player’s complaints, Rioter Pupulasers thanked the player for their lengthy and thorough post. Pupulasers acknowledged that Riot has given discovering ways to satiate player incentives a high priority and that League offers many potential ways to serve players better.

Riot has started working on some of the categories the player suggested, even if they cannot give full details just yet. Several prospective adjustments were specifically discussed using the Challenge system, Eternals, and Champion Mastery as examples.

Riot states that Eternals’ full potential has not yet been realised. Any investments made into the system will not be primarily motivated by revenue but rather by employing technology to provide players great, Champ-specific objectives to pursue and accomplish, as expressed by Pupulasers.

Ultimately, Riot wants to change the champion mastery system because it’s difficult to tell players with 30–40K from those with 1M Mastery. Riot is investigating ways to broaden Champion Mastery, maybe expanding it to include roles and classes.

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The two new heroes will soon be available in Riot Games’ plans to diversify the champion pool. In addition, the company wants all genders, cultures, and in-game skill levels to be represented on the hero roster.

The studio has just briefly described the two League of Legends champions, similar to how it did with the game’s release date. According to legend, Milio is a male enchanter from Ishtal who exhibits great knowledge and practical comprehension of the fire axiom. Even the movie studio made light of the fact that the protagonist “uses fire not to raze towns but to cure wounds.”

Contrarily, melee assassin Naafiri is a female and is the ideal hero for those who “want to focus on the hunt.” As she starts looking for her Darkin brothers, the protagonist appears to include “bodies” in their “straightforward equipment,” with the potential of hunting “in a pack.”

Indeed, this is the first Darkin champion to be added in a while (the last one was Kayn, introduced in 2017.)

Riot Games also disclosed some impending adjustments to the game’s ranking structure. Two distinct splits will be in the soon-to-be-released season, with rankings essentially reset halfway through. Simply put, this implies that players will receive two ranking skins as a reward for participating.

League of Legends was already added to the Xbox Game Pass when the news was made. You can get some extremely cool perks by connecting your current account to the well-known streaming service, including a 20% XP boost.

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