Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 5 Gameplay Unveiled

All those who are just finding themselves champing at the bit in anticipation of the all new remake of Resident Evil 4 can at least drink in some new Resident Evil 4 Chapter 5 gameplay footage which has been recently doing the rounds in the gaming world.

Resident Evil 4

Now with the massive success of the Dead Space remake, the industry still needs to be done reviving classic horror games. With Resident Evil 4 and Bloober’s take on the notorious Silent Hill 2 on the way, and fans of games that made an impact on horror the first time around have much to look forward to.

Over many years, there have been a lot of video games in Capcom’s flagship survival series, with the newest fourth entry that is regarded by many as one of the best selection of Resident Evil games. Now given such high praise, it’s hardly surprising that there are so many fans looking forward to the remake. Also, there isn’t too long to wait now, all being well, but at the same time, some more footage has come out which will surely whet fans’ appetites.

The video comes as a courtesy of Game Informer and shows off around the first 12 minutes from the remake of RE 4. Most importantly, it also gives a taste of RE 4 Chapter 5, which is the moment a few hours in when Leon Kennedy finds Ashley. The viewers can see encounters with the villagers at night during this segment and the famous cabin shootout with Carlos.

As with previous teasers and pictures, this new footage demonstrates a much darker and moodier tone when compared to the original 2005 release. Anyone eagerly awaiting this remake will most probably get a kick out of what is shown off in this video.

Moreover, there are a lot of classic sequences fans are looking forward to for the Resident Evil 4 Chapter 5 remake, including the one in the Game Informer clip. While this modern reimagination of the influential RE game will allow older fans to relive the experience in a more up-to-date release, it will also let new player’s see what everyone loved about the original release.

However it’s not just a retelling of an older game. Capcom is seen to be adding enemies who were cut from the OG Resident Evil 4 and implementing some story surprises and side quests.

Also, the developer knows what its fans and players want, which goes beyond a current-generation retread of a retro title, and even one as lauded as RE4. At the same time, there will be enough similarities in the remake and also there will be enough twists and turns to keep it all fresh and new.

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