PS5 Update Copies Xbox Series X’s Best Feature

With the PS5, Sony has finally imitated Xbox and the Xbox Series X by adding a simple but well-liked quality-of-life feature. The PS4 had several features from the previous generation that the Xbox One did not. On the other hand, the Xbox One had features that the PS4 did not.

Even though both consoles are more similar than different, some differences set them apart. These differences are most obvious when comparing the feature sets of the two devices.

However, the number of differences decreases as each generation builds upon the previous one and copies one another. In light of this, the PS5 now has a very useful feature it should have had at launch.

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PS5 Actually Copying Xbox Series X?

The most recent PS5 update, as source reported over on Twitter, covertly added new functionality involving game discs. Suppose a PS5 user purchases a digital copy of a game that has already been installed via disc. In that case, they can use the same disc installation to play the digital copy without putting in the disc after the update has been applied.

This also applies to games that meet this requirement and are downloaded through PlayStation Plus. Although it is a minor quality-of-life feature, PlayStation fans have been asking for it and are pleased to see it added.

“That’s a huge quality-of-life change that I loved on Xbox,” one PlayStation fan of the change over on ResetEra . Very happy to see it make the transition because, the few times I encountered the problem, having to redownload everything on a slower connection was a little annoying.

There was another PlayStation fan that commented, “Wow, that’s a tremendous change. They kept quiet. “I wasn’t overly interested because most of the significant changes did not affect me. Certainly a major annoyance during the PS4 era.”

Additionally, the update increased the VRR capability of the console to 1440p resolution for TVs that can support it. The DualSense controller was also upgraded and can now be updated wirelessly without a USB-C cable.

xbox series x - ps5 - nexus of gaming

One feature that has sadly gone unnoticed is among the Xbox Series X’s best attributes. Now according to a few sources, PS5 users can now play a digital game even if the console already has the disc version of it installed.

You have purchased a physical copy of a game earlier on PS5 and PS4. So to play the game, you would need to download and install it on your console. Then you can decide at a later time to purchase the discounted digital version.

You then attempt to launch your new digital purchase, but it won’t work. Annoying, yes, we do. After deleting the disc installation, you would need to reinstall the digital version. Which, if your internet connection is bad, can be a pain in the behind.

Now, that is optional because of the most recent PS5 update. So if you happen to already have the disc installed on the hard drive, it will still boot up if you later buy the digital version. In addition, a new PS Plus version of a game can start from a disc installation.

Now especially during the “Smart Delivery” time on the Xbox Series X|S, this feature has been accessible on Xbox for some time. This minor upgrade may not be a deal breaker, but at least we won’t have to put up with one more minor annoyance.

What is your favorite new feature that the PS5 update from last week added?

Well, there you have it! Keep an eye out for the latest content Nexus of Gaming will be posting soon! Stay tuned.

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