Pokemon Go datamine reveals Roaming Form Gimmighoul debut for Pokemon Day

Pokemon Go - Pokemon Day - Nexus of Gaming

Many assets connected to Roaming Form Gimmighoul have surfaced in a Pokemon Go data mine, raising the possibility that a debut event may occur after Pokemon Day 2023.

Pokemon Go - Pokemon Day - Nexus of Gaming

Trainers are eagerly anticipating Pokemon Day 2023 to see what it’s “Celebrate Together” theme will entail for its continuing games, including Pokémon Go and Scarlet & Violet.

Now, it appears that players of Pokemon Go may have a good idea of the new material that will be added to the game following the Pokémon Presents live stream on February 27 according to a recent datamine.

The datamine uncovered various assets pertaining to Gimmighoul’s roaming form and its evolution, Gholdengo, which may be a clue to the two Coin-based Pokemon’s debut event.

Pokemon Go datamine hints at Gimmighoul event

Pokemon Go - Pokemon Day - Nexus of Gaming

The datamine was obtained from the dependable source Pokeminers, which on February 24, 2023, tweeted a number of distinct assets.

The Wandering Form Gimmighoul and its evolution Gholdengo, which have not yet appeared in Pokemon Go, were shown in the first image as 3D models.

Trainers will recall that there was an occasion that teased Gimmighoul’s Chest Form through Pokemon Go before to the release of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Gimmighoul was unfortunately not really caught by players throughout the tournament.

The assets for a brand-new kind of incense and lure were there with the 3D models for the two Pokémon. The Lure is composed of pure gold, similar to Gimmighoul’s coins, while the Sparkly Incense looks to be a bag shaped like his chest form.

These objects could function similarly to those found in Meltan’s event, however specifics are still unknown at the time of writing. Given that both Pokemon made their debut in Pokemon Go and have unique forms associated with the mobile game, this would make sense.

Although the specifics of this potential Gimmighoul event are yet unknown, it appears like these two Generation 9 Pokémon may soon be available in Pokemon Go.

The event will also feature new challenges and rewards, adding to the excitement of the Roaming Form Gimmighoul’s debut. Players will need to complete various tasks to earn rewards, including exclusive items that can only be obtained during the event.

The datamine also revealed that the Roaming Form Gimmighoul will have a unique move called Phantom Slash, which is expected to be a powerful Ghost-type attack. Players will undoubtedly be eager to add this rare Pokemon to their collection and utilize its unique abilities in battles.

The announcement of the Roaming Form Gimmighoul’s debut on Pokemon Day has generated a lot of excitement in the Pokemon Go community. Players are already speculating about how to catch the Pokemon and discussing strategies for the upcoming event.

It is worth noting that datamines are not always accurate, and things can change before the official release. However, the track record of Pokemon Go datamines has been fairly reliable, so it is likely that the Roaming Form Gimmighoul will make its debut on Pokemon Day as predicted.

In addition to the excitement surrounding the Roaming Form Gimmighoul’s debut, fans of Pokemon Go can find a wealth of information and resources on Nexus of Gaming.

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