Persona 5 To Get An Amazing New Mobile Spin-Off Called The Phantom X

Persona 5 – The Phantom X has been revealed for iOS and Android by Perfect World, the game’s publisher, and Black Wings, its creator. The new Persona 5 spin-off will begin receiving playtests in China on March 29. It will be a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

The gameplay and aesthetic of The Phantom X are identical to those of Persona 5, but the game will be designed with mobile gamers in mind. Atlus are supervising the creation of the game.

Persona 5: The Phantom X centers on the concept of “desire” and follows a new group of Phantom Thieves. The protagonist of The Phantom X, like Persona 5, can take part in lessons during the school day and engage in extracurricular activities like watching movies and playing baseball. The new Phantom Thieves have access to the Metaverse and its associated Palaces after school.

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A group of teenagers will learn how to use Peronas to fight alongside each other as a strange world distinct from their own unearths in The Phantom X, or P5X as it is abbreviated, which will focus on the theme of “desire.” This is typical Persona material. Additionally, there is a man who lives underwater and a talking owl.

The main character, code-named Wonder, is a Kiba Academy student who lives alone in Tokyo while his parents are away. His first persona is Jánok, a regal knight with a flowing red cape and gold trims who wears all-white armor. Luffy, the aforementioned speaking owl, is another character who can change into a delivery van.

Arai Suwa, another student, is up next. She has an average academic record, focuses on sports, and is reportedly popular in school; her first Persona is Awilda. She goes by the codename Closer. Merope will join the Velvet Room assistants, our friends, and talking owls.

Playing P5X is very similar to other Persona games. You’ll study in a class all day, after which you can play baseball, go fishing, or watch a movie. When night crawls, you can interact with various people to learn new skills and their stories. Your goal is to fix this and stop the other world from invading our reality because, at night, the world is distorted according to everyone’s desires. You’ll feel right at home if you’ve played a Persona game.

Persona 5 - phantom x - nexus of gaming

For Persona 5, The Phantom X, Is It Possible To Pre-Register?

No, and yes. Successful applicants can begin testing starting on March 29, but the registration form will only accept Chinese mobile numbers. There will probably be a larger pre-registration program before the full release.

You can visit the official website right here to see all the amazing artwork. In the interim, if you’re looking for some game suggestions, check out the best Switch JRPGs, chicken games, and ocean games to start a new adventure.

The 2017 release of Persona 5 in North America brought it widespread praise and a brand-new audience. Since Persona 3 Portable, Persona 4 Golden, and Persona 5 Royal were recently re-released on contemporary platforms, fans are curious about what the series will do next.

The beta launch, which begins on March 29, is only available in the Chinese market, so only a few details about the game have been made public. However, the trailer below shows a brand-new cast of original characters and a plot developing in contemporary Tokyo. Igor and the Velvet Room are present, suggesting that this may be the emergence of a new band of Phantom Thieves (observe the girl’s attire detail, which was influenced by Chie’s from Persona 4). Although it is unknown whether this game will be released outside of Asia, we hope it will, as it would help to shorten the wait for Persona 6.

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