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Overwatch 2 has recently quickly risen to the top of the list of online multiplayer since its release. The franchise has been generous with its fans by regularly releasing fresh along with exciting content that has pleased the community. With Season 2, the game developers introduced us with a brand new Tank Hero and a map.

Right now, the Hero-based shooter has a total of around 11 Tanks, each with their unique abilities. And as an introductory class in the game, they could be used in a position where they can assist all of their team members by taking and dealing with damage.

Now with all the recent updates, Overwatch 2 has seen a bit of a shift in the meta. This includes changes in essential roles, like the Tanks in the game. You can go through the article to see the current standings of every Tank Hero in the FPS title.

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The Hero from Nepal has made its way in S-Tier with Season 2. Ramattra is capable of causing range damage by his Omnic Form’s Void Barrier. His ability to change forms is no doubt an exceptional tool, especially during intense battles.

At the same time, Pummel, in his Nemesis Form, is no doubt a great offensive tool. Ramattra’s Void Accelerator in Omnic Form is also a great weapon, as it can damage an enemy adequately.


The Tank Hero from the Netherlands is no doubt also a worthy S-Tier character. Sigma’s kit is very powerful as he has tools such as the Hyperspheres which can launch charges that implode after a set duration. Also his offensive abilities easily make him an S-Tier Hero. Other powers like the Accretion which can also be used to deal enormous amounts of damage to enemies in the new game.


Reinhardt is one of the first Tank Heroes from the prequel, and he is an extremely strong pick for all Overwatch 2 compositions. Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer can devour enemies with large amounts of melee damage at close range.

Moreover, his kit possesses abilities that make him an S-Tier Hero. He also has abilities such as Charge to smash into an enemy. Players usually like to pair their Barrier Fields with an offensive Hero to deal great damage to the enemy team.


Orisa can be identified as a flexible character who is exceptionally great at holding her ground, quickly making the African Tank an A-Tier Hero. Orisa fires a weapon with unlimited bullets that deal a lot of chaos at close range. Also her Javelin Spin is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with, and as it can push enemies back while increasing Orisa’s speed.


A fan favorite Hero with a unique character design, Roadhog can be used in various ways to deal damage to the opponent in Overwatch 2. Also, it is a tool for destruction at the hands of a worthy Tank player.

Apart from his massive hitbox, Roadhog’s abilities keep him on the A-Tier. Roadhog’s Scrap Gun is a great short-range weapon which can be paired with the Chain Hook to drag an enemy. Also, he is one of the few characters who can heal himself in Overwatch 2.


D.Va is also one of the most popular Tank Heroes from Overwatch is a great character even after the nerfs. D.Va is a highly flexible Hero considering that she gets a second life with her ejection.

Also, the would have been an S-Tier Tank Hero, however after the recent nerfs, her kit is inferior to before. Her Boosters allow her to traverse the map with ease. Also, D.Va can absorb a lot of damage to protect her team with her Defense Matrix. So, D.Va  gets a spot in the A-Tier.


There is no doubt that Zarya is one of the best Tank Heroes in the video game. Her main weapon, and the Particle Cannon, is an excellent tool for picking short-range fights. Zarya can also protect herself from enemy damage with the Particle Barrier.

Now that being said, Zarya also excels at protecting her teammates from the Projected Barrier. She quickly takes a spot among the many other A-Tier Heroes for her flexible kit as well as abilities.


The fan favorite Tank Hero from the prequel is still a great pick in Overwatch 2. Winston’s Tesla Cannon is a powerful weapon for shocking enemies at close-range. His Barrier Projector ability can be used ideally as a Tank to help the team.

The Primal Rage Ultimate feature can boost his health and help him jump on enemies. He can also leap into the distance with his Jump Pack, and this makes his traversal easier. However, Winston’s kit limits him while being aggressive all the time, as his large hitbox can be an easy target once Winston’s barriers run out. When considering all his downsides, he can be put in the B-Tier.


While not the first choice for every player, Doomfist can also be a reliable Tank when put under a proper Hero lineup. His Hand Cannon is an am tool to keep enemies at bay. Also, the players can utilize their Rocket Punch to thrust into an enemy in the game.

His Seismic Slam also damages enemies nearby, but it’s pretty easy to counter. Players can use their Meteor Strike at the correct time to deal much damage. But he still stands as a B-Tier Hero mainly because his abilities are much inferior compared to the likes of D.Va as well as Zarya, who are better offense players.

Wrecking Ball

Starting with C-Tier, Wrecking Ball instantly takes the top spot under its tier as his kit is very limiting under most situations. Even while having a huge health pool, the rodent can be easily shot down with most Heroes’ abilities. His Quad Cannons do not deal much damage and have a reasonably slow fire rate.

Wrecking Ball’s Grappling Claw could be a better tool and is just a gimmick. The Roll is the only thing that helps him traverse, but apart from that, his kit is a bit inferior to other Tanks.

Junker Queen

Being one of the new Heroes introduced to the roster in Overwatch 2, Junker Queen still stands pretty weak. Also, her kit can easily be replaced with other Tank Heroes offering better outcomes. As a result, she’s now taking up a spot in the C-Tier.

Junker Queen’s Scattergun is a simple shotgun which needs to be reloaded after some shots. Also she does not offer any barrier abilities either. Adrenaline Rush is the healing ability which she can use, however at the cost of damaging an enemy.

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