No Man’s Sky Video Shows Video Game As A Super Mario Clone

A No Man’s Sky player has recently shown its fans what’s possible with its main mechanics by turning Hello Games’ space exploration journey into a Super Mario clone. It is basically considered to be one of the most famous video game franchises, that has an estimated worth of more than $22 billion, Mario is the face of Nintendo, if not the whole industry. The jumping plumber continues dominating, even inspiring more modern releases projects.

No Man’s Sky is famously known for its enormous open world filled with exploration potential, and let’s not forget to mention affording players the ability to construct their bases. It might have started life as an overhyped game which failed to deliver on those promises many times, but the developer of the video game has continued to improve on the original formula over the years.

As of today, NMS has a dedicated following which is more than keen to explore the digital universe, and some use the game for some pretty imaginative creations.

Just recently on Reddit, a user posted a clip from No Man’s Sky, except that it’s not the standard game. Also, the Super Mario-style level which has been made shows the gamer player from a more 2D perspective, and making their way through the platformer-inspired scenery.

The player, who is known in the game’s lore as the Traveler, can be seen jumping over the green “pipe” barrels with floating blocks above them, which includes some with question marks on them. Also, there is a nice touch in that the Traveler is wearing its infamous red and blue garb usually worn by the Italian plumber.

The effect was achieved with a second player which is the “camera,” filming the gameplay from a specific angle. But, it should be noted that it doesn’t state whether the Reddit user is the player in the clip or if they just posted the footage.

Now, this is not the first time in the gaming industry that the old has come into contact with the new. Just recently, another No Man’s Sky user created the retro box art for the sci-fi game, and imagined what it would be like if it had been released on the SNES or Sega Dreamcast.

The pictures are a neat little nod to a bygone era in the industry, and now this recent video from Reddit is a great way for fans to relive the golden days of gaming. Well, at least in a rudimentary fashion.

With its shaky start, No Man’s Sky became a fantastic game after its controversial launch. And as the studio continues to put out the patches and free DLC, and also the community is only likely to grow, especially given all the interesting things that can be built in the video game.

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