New Xbox Series X Update Could Save Money

The “Carbon Aware” update for Xbox Series X has just been released, introducing new power-saving features that can save energy costs.

All Xbox Series X owners may now download the latest firmware, which was initially made accessible to Xbox Insider members in January. To use the new battery-saving modes, you have to turn on “Instant On” in the settings menu, which essentially takes the role of the former sleep mode.

Microsoft asserts that the system’s new shutdown option is up to 20X more effective. This is demonstrated by the power consumption data, which show that the new mode uses just 0.5W of power compared to the Xbox Series X’s sleep mode power drain of 10-15W.

Things are more efficient now that the system is idle after you put the controller down since you can download some of the top Xbox Series X games and install firmware upgrades using the Instant On mode. This upgrade may be beneficial over the upcoming months if you’ve been worried about increased energy costs when using your Xbox Series X console.

All of this is a part of Microsoft’s long-term strategy to “create a more sustainable future of gaming,” which has been in development for about a year. It’s been a while coming the shutdown date was first announced back in March 2022.

It is by no means the only suggestion the system’s hardware manufacturer wishes to take into account. Microsoft has also experimented with lowering image fidelity and gaming performance to cut expenses. Although it hasn’t happened yet, the recent survey of Xbox Insider members suggested that some gamers requested this functionality.

In the end, Microsoft’s efforts are a step in the right direction. Giving gamers more precise control over their gaming consoles’ energy output is appreciated when individuals struggle to keep the lights on and heat their houses. You won’t have to opt-in and can keep things in standby and sleep mode if you don’t want to rely on the auto wake and schedule mode because it is also completely optional.

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