Minecraft Modder Makes the Video Game’s Spiders Way Scarier

The work of this modder, who felt that the eight-legged animals in Minecraft were not as terrifying as they could be, may be avoided by anyone afraid of spiders. The sandbox game from Mojang is well known for being kid-friendly and is as family-friendly as it gets. It distinguishes itself from other AAA releases, especially those that emphasize action and violence, by having clear and straightforward graphics, calming music, and the ability for creativity.

It does have some more intense moments, though. After all, there are some rather terrifying enemies in Minecraft. Some creatures, like the Enderman and the Wither, might make the player uneasy. Despite being blocky, they bring a sense of almost horror to an otherwise relaxing game. There is another mob, though, that one person has decided to take action against despite its lackluster fear factor.

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Just recently in a video from SystemZee, the YouTuber made the spiders significantly scarier than the vanilla version of the game. There were three variations of this. The first was a spider that was stashed away in a chest. Just like the mimics from Dark Souls, it would burst open when opened and start pursuing the player around.

Then there was the cave containing tiny spider eggs that, once hatching, released hordes of the tiniest creepy crawlies on unsuspecting victims. The player was attacked by a giant spider that came from a sandpit and then wrapped in a cocoon so they could be eaten. This was the eight-legged coup de grace.

So, What’s The Verdict In Minecraft’s New Feature?

Its not a secret that the mod itself is a far cry from anything SystemZee has done in the past, and this definitely lends these creatures a more horrifying edge. For instance, the YouTuber modified Minecraft last year to add realistic mechanics, enabling players to play the game of Jenga. Additionally, they have a history of integrating produced concepts into the game via AI. It’s quite another thing to transform spiders into dreadful beasts.

The massive video game Minecraft is still affecting the market as Mojang prepares to release version 1.2. There’s a fair probability that Minecraft will continue to be the most well-known rags-to-riches tale in all of gaming as long as SystemZee can modify the formula for their own purposes.

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