Meta Quest May Get An Amazing PS Plus-Like Game Pass In 2023

According to a recent leak, parent company Meta may develop a Meta Quest Game Pass that works like PS Plus. There is good reason to believe the information is accurate, even though the Meta Quest addition hasn’t been officially confirmed yet.

The virtual reality division of Meta has struggled to turn a profit and has been known to sell its Meta Quest virtual reality headsets at a loss. Users would be able to play a variety of games they might not have otherwise been able to play if players agreed to pay a monthly fee in exchange for free games.

A hidden page on the Meta mobile app, according to Twitter user, suggests that the game pass service is in the works. Despite the fact that the page appears to have been removed, the user was able to take a screenshot to share it with others.

The page reads like a sales pitch, explaining the idea of the game pass and what users can get out of it. Users could select up to two monthly games or apps, similar to PS Plus. The most intriguing aspect is the ability for users to keep any games or apps they download as long as they continue to be a subscriber to the service.

Meta Quest’s Plans For The Game Pass

Meta Quest - Nexus of Gaming

Although nothing is definite now, it’s likely to interest Meta Quest users and gamers accustomed to these kinds of subscription services on other platforms. Users can get benefits and free games outside of PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass by using services like Amazon/Twitch Prime, and Epic Games Store frequently offers free games. Given that the Meta Quest 3 is expected to be released this year, it would make sense for Meta to be laying the groundwork for the creation of its own comparable service at this time.

Users would have the same choice of up to two monthly games or apps as PS Plus. The most exciting feature is the ability for users to keep any apps or games they download as long as they continue to subscribe to the service.

Nothing is set in stone, but something will likely interest Meta Quest owners and players familiar with these subscription services from earlier stages. In addition to PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass, users can benefit from advantages and get free games from services like Amazon/Twitch Prime and Epic Games Store. Given that the Meta Quest 3 is expected to ship this year, it is legitimate for Meta to set the groundwork for creating its own comparative service at this time.

Obviously, there are likely loads of other Meta Quest users who wouldn’t be keen on such a service. Many customers and gamers are experiencing subscription fatigue due to having to continuously pay a huge number of businesses to use their services.

Meta Quest - Nexus of Gaming

Adding one more to the list is unlikely to appeal to gamers already interested in a control center’s subscription service, as well as countless others who may be uncountable. The price Meta also raises the issue would demand this service.

Undoubtedly, many additional Meta Quest users wouldn’t be interested in such a service. Due to having to pay so many companies each month to use their services, many customers and gamers are experiencing a kind of subscription fatigue.

The number of gamers who have already subscribed to a console’s subscription service and countless others may not find it appealing to add one more to the list. Meta’s price for this service is still an open question. After spending $399 or more on the headset itself, that sum could make or break how users feel about it.

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