How Long Is Wild Hearts? Main Story Explained

The newest monster-hunting action role-playing game from Omega Force is called Wild Hearts. The creator is experienced in the genre, having previously made the demon-hunter games Toukiden. If you’re just starting Wild Hearts, you might wonder how long it will take to finish the main story because monster hunting games are frequently quite drawn out.

How long does it take to finish the Japanese-inspired Monster Hunter-style game Wild Hearts, where you battle gorgeous but terrifying creatures in a vast landscape? Here, we have all the solutions.

Wild Hearts - Explained - Nexus of Gaming

Wild Hearts Main Story In Detail

Wild Hearts is designed to be endless, incredibly expansive, and multiplayer-enhanced, but there is a main story that players must finish. This will enable them to hunt all the enormous beasts, interact with new people, and acquire better equipment.

However, many are unsure of the length of Wild Hearts due to the game’s lengthy main story and emphasis on grind. Given that, the following information will help you estimate the time required to complete the game technically.

If you focus on finishing the main quests and going out to hunt the necessary animals as soon as you can, then the main storyline of Wild Hearts will take you about 30 hours to complete. Lewis Harvey who is the executive producer of EA Originals, disclosed this at the game preview event.

It’s interesting to note that Wild Hearts’ narrative is significantly shorter than that of earlier, widely played Monster Hunter games. However, it corresponds to the more recent Monster Hunter Rise, which takes about 21 hours to finish.

Wild Hearts - Explained - Nexus of Gaming

You’ll need to upgrade your equipment, gather resources, and get ready for each hunt, so the 30-hour main storyline should be flexible.

Every monster-hunting game typically features a main story campaign that spans a number of missions, including hunting down both small and large monsters as well as simply gathering specific items. This is how Wild Hearts works, and you’ll be spending a lot of time finishing missions.

Many experts gamers have estimated that it will take an average player about 40 hours to finish Wild Hearts’ main story campaign. A full completionist playthrough of the game would take about 97 hours, and playthroughs that finish the main story and a few extra side missions would take about 42 hours.

The campaign’s length is largely due to the time required to hunt the large monsters, such as the Ragetail Kemono, rather than the fact that there are an excessive number of missions.

Wild Hearts - Explained - Nexus of Gaming

To get the components you need to make better gear and weapons, you’ll have to take the time to battle some monsters more than once. If you don’t, you’ll hit a brick wall when you try to combat more difficult foes. With better weapons, you’ll take twice as long to finish a hunt, and you’ll need better armor to deal with the damage you’re taking in battle.

Like us, you might be a hunter enthusiast who wants to put in extra time to get the best equipment in Wild Hearts. Or you may enjoy continuing to solve the trickiest Kemono. Also, there is really no time limit on these kinds of games, so you can immerse yourself in them for as long as you like.

That’s all there is to know about how long it will take you to complete Wild Hearts’ main story. And to make sure you have a good time, take the time while playing through to craft better armor and weapons as you progress.

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