GTA: Vice City 2 Concept Video Gets A Sequel Powered By Engine 5

While Rockstar continues to develop GTA VI, a fan has created a concept video that illustrates what a potential GTA: Vice City sequel might look like if it were created using modern technology. The project, which TeaserPlay created, is rendered in Unreal Engine 5 and uses Epic’s Nanite and Lumen technologies to give the presentation a hint of realistic lighting.

The video, which stars an older Tommy Vercetti returning to Vice City after 37 years and reflecting on the past, combines authentic game locations with modern imagery to demonstrate how much the notorious city has changed over the years.

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How GTA Got The Inspiration For It?

If you recall, GTA: Vice City was first made available for the PlayStation 2 in 2022. And because of how well the game was received, it was integrated into the Grand Theft Auto series. Rockstar made a remastered version of the game as a result.

The Grand Theft Auto III and GTA: San Andreas definitive editions came along with the release of the GTA: Vice City remastered edition. Many players believe that this trio is the series’ best installment. Even though Rockstar offered updated editions, the fans still desired more.

That’s where the GTA: Vice City 2 concept video comes in. It displays what the game might have been had Rockstar chosen to create it. The video also passes by a number of nostalgic locations that significantly influenced the plot.

An official Vice City sequel is unlikely right now, especially in light of the loss of Vercetti’s voice actor Ray Liotta, but Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy offers a remastered version for those who want to revisit the Miami-inspired streets of that 2002 game. This version remasters all three games for PC and contemporary consoles and comes packaged with GTA III and GTA: San Andreas.

GTA - Vice City - Nexus of gaming

For publisher Take-Two Interactive, a recent leak of GTA 6 was “really frustrating and upsetting.” CEO Strauss Zelnick stated, “As a business matter, we are not affected. But our teams are impacted on a personal and emotional level.

Thanks to the longevity of its multiplayer mode GTA Online, GTA V has continued to be a huge hit for the publisher and Rockstar, with over 175 million copies of the game having been sold as of this writing.

Despite being released ten years ago, GTA V is still popular; according to publisher Take-Two, another 5 million copies of the game were sold during the last quarter of 2022. Since the game’s initial release in 2013, more than 175 million copies have been sold.

Another remarkable achievement is that GTA V’s strong sales have helped the GTA series’ overall global sales increase from 385 million to 395 million. These sales figures indicate that other Grand Theft Auto games sold an additional 5 million units in the final quarter of 2022, most likely from the Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy collection.

GTA - Vice City - Nexus of gaming

“Fans have wished for Tommy to appear in the Vice City 2 sequel for a long time. Although we may never see this sequel, we can at least imagine it,” TeaserPlay wrote in the video’s description. This video can also serve as a tribute to Ray Liotta and the fond memories we gamers have of playing this special game.

Even though you can’t use this mod for yourself, it’s still incredibly cool to watch. Rockstar, note this down. GTA 6 has yet to be formally revealed or given a release date, but we do know that Rockstar is currently working on it.

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