GTA Online Brings Back A Dead Character From GTA 5 History

Some players may have believed that a character in the GTA universe was unquestionably extinct, but GTA Online is bringing them back. Since it launched almost ten years ago, GTA Online has grown significantly. When it first started, it was roughly six months before the events of Grand Theft Auto V, so it had some story-mode characters.

The decision by Rockstar Games to advance the timeline of events and even depict some characters, like Franklin, years after the story’s conclusion quickly gained support as time went on. As a result, GTA Online has had a lot of fun opportunities, and one character which some people thought was dead will now make a comeback.

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Which GTA Character Is Making A Comeback?

According to the latest trailer for GTA Online’s The Last Dose update, Michael’s therapist, Dr Friedlander, will return. When you think about it, it’s unsurprising that the good doctor may act as a drug lord. It makes sense that he would try to “help” his patients by pushing psychedelics since he is a bizarre therapist in a parody of Hollywood.

Anyone who completed Grand Theft Auto V and went to every one of Michael’s therapy sessions knows that the doctor and Michael had a falling out. The therapist explains that he is leaving Los Santos because of a book and TV deal, but he will also be telling Michael’s story anonymously. Michael can then kill or release Friedlander, keeping his criminal life hidden.

There should be all the typical saga absurdity there, including UFO sightings, car chases, and even shooting scenes that are all supposed to be a part of the five final missions’ worth of this completely psychedelic journey. Players should, in the end, learn how the Los Santos drug trade and the pharmaceutical business are related. Despite that, consider that it is not the trailer’s most surprising aspect.

The final frame of the trailer shows a man emerging from a garage with his arms open. Although it might not seem like much when putting that way, all GTA 5 players are familiar with Doctor Isiah Friedlander because he is the psychologist Michael De Santa frequently visits at the beginning of the adventure.

A return that is, to put it mildly, unexpected, as our protagonist becomes enraged with his doctor after an optional consultation in the countryside, and the player is given the option of pursuing him to kill him or not.

This return appears to the cruellest players to be a resurrection. Given the setting of this chapter, this return is not entirely unexpected because, given the character’s personality, it might provide specific drug-based therapies. In any case, all that is left to do is wait a few days to find out how the renowned psychologist will make a comeback.

GTA - dead - character - nexus of gaming

Rockstar has decided that Dr. Friedlander being fired and living a life of fame in Grand Theft Auto V is the canonical outcome. Who knows if Dr. Friedlander will survive this GTA Online update at this point? There is a very good chance that you will be asked to kill him, and that action will probably become canonical. In any case, it’s wonderful to see such a quirky character return to an even more quirky role.

A few years ago, Grand Theft Auto fans were anticipating the release of the infamous Grand Theft Auto VI with a desire for the future. The latter has yet to say beyond that Rockstar has acknowledged the possibility that it will work on a new, expanded version of the franchise without providing any additional information. We all remember that dozens of gameplay videos, still in development, circulated online even though the game was long ago leaked in September 2022.

After swift legal action, things are gradually returning to normal, and Take-CEO Two’s ensures these leaks had no impact on the game’s development. He has reached the age of ten, and Grand Theft Auto’s online mode is still regularly updated. The upcoming saga ends, and under the new trailer are some pleasant surprises.

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