Fortnite Downtime On February 28: When Will Servers Be Back Up?

The release of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 is quickly approaching, but the developers are continuing to provide updates rapidly. Players have recently enjoyed the Witcher, Dead Space crossovers, and the Most Wanted event.

But the following patch is always close, and patch 23.50 has just been released with yet another content drop to keep players busy until the following season.

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This large upgrade will happen sooner than usual, unlike all others. As usual, the update v23.50 will begin at 3:00 am Eastern Time instead of 4:00 am ET. This indicates that servers will be shut down by 2:30. Those who are still playing at 2:00 am might think about logging out to save their progress.

This shows that Epic Games has a lot of work to do because the update v23.50 will begin one hour earlier than usual. The update may take four or more hours because end-of-season content is being added to improve gameplay.

Depending on the difficulties encountered during the update, this schedule may alter. This takes into account the update 23.40 downtime, which was confirmed to have lasted five hours (based on the Time the blog post was shared on Twitter).

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The New Fortnite Update Will Be The Final Update Of Chapter 4, Season 1

The forthcoming Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 v23.50 update will be the last one. Epic Software is prepared to disclose a tonne of intriguing information that will be used in the upcoming season of the well-known battle royale video game.

There’s a strong probability that Epic Games will reveal a partnership with Creed III based on information from well-known Fortnite leakers. Characters from the upcoming sports drama movie have been added to Fortnite, which makes sense, given that it will be published in a few days.

The game’s creator will almost certainly add at least one or two more skins besides current cosmetics. These skins might be available during the current season’s last week.

All the information about the new Fortnite Crew pack will also be included in the future Fortnite update. The things still need to be added, even though the pack has already been made public. Epic Games is likely to unvault bows in terms of gameplay. The bows have been vaulted throughout the Most Wanted event, but because the tournament ends on Tuesday, they might come back

With the official launch of the v23.50 update, the 2nd page of The Witcher Battle Pass screen will also become accessible. A few more bonus cosmetic items that can be unlocked at the end of the season are on this page. With the February 28 update, Fortnite players will also get the last installment of the Oathbound questline. Moreover, these quests will award XP and a complimentary cosmetic item.

Lastly, with the season’s last update, Epic Games will probably roll out brand-new Reality Augments. The creators still need to include all of the new Augments that have been leaked in the game.

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Will The Next Fortnite Update Bring A New Live Event?

In less than two weeks, Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 will come to a close, and many gamers are anticipating that Epic Games will introduce a new live event. As the v23.50 update is the last one for the season, Epic might also share live event statistics with it.

Sadly, information has yet to be leaked about the Fortnite live event that will take place at the end of the season. Although Epic Games may release one, nothing has been formally announced.

Well, there you have it! Keep an eye out for the latest content Nexus of Gaming will be posting soon! Stay tuned.

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