Fortnite Crew Subscribers Now Get Rocket League’s Premium Rocket Pass Too 2023

Rocket League Premium Pass Too 2023

Attention all gamers! The world of online gaming just got even more exciting with the latest announcement from Epic Games. Fortnite Crew subscribers are in for a treat as they will now have access to the Rocket League Premium Pass Too 2023. This means that players can enjoy all the perks of the premium pass for Rocket League, including exclusive items, challenges, and rewards, until 2023. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what this means for gamers and why it’s such a big deal. So buckle up and get ready to take your gaming experience to the next level!

Epic Games gave Fortnite players a great surprise pleasant surprise this week, but it’s a surprise you can only get if you also play Rocket League.

As a bonus for doing nothing more than already possessing a Fortnite Crew membership, those who play Fortnite and currently have an active Fortnite Crew membership also currently have access to the Rocket Pass Premium.

Although you can join up with Fortnite Crew immediately if your subscription has expired and you anticipate playing the game again, this deal obviously works best for players of both games.

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This week saw the first mention of the most recent Fortnite and Rocket League collaboration when several Fortnite-focused Twitter accounts announced that this perk would soon be made available to players. The information that the campaign would start on Tuesday was shared along with a screenshot of it.

Tuesday has arrived, therefore, it appears that gamers of Fortnite and Rocket League can now take use of this bonus. On Reddit, a player posted a different image showcasing the Rocket League bonus and announced that the promotion was active.

The Premium Pass is clearly the one you’d want to have as it has more in it, as is the case with any form of battle pass system like the one in Rocket League, so this reward is a good one if you’re active in both games.

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Rocket League Game Pass 2023

This season’s Rocket Pass Premium includes the Volkswagen Golf GTI, which is unlocked immediately. As players advance through the pass, additional add-ons and cosmetic items become available.

Cosmetics released through the Rocket Pass are exclusive and unavailable when a season concludes, just like the Fortnite battle pass (and most other battle passes). The move is the most recent in a string of partnerships between the two games since Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite, acquired Psyonix, the creator and former publisher of Rocket League.

The two games had previously collaborated in a series of events called Llama-Rama, which eventually included the mobile spin-off of Rocket League, Sideswipe. Octane, the Rocket League poster vehicle, was featured as a vehicle on the Fortnite island last year, complete with all of its acrobatics, flips, and boosts.

Given that Epic wants to keep players invested in its two biggest first-party games, the two titles will likely continue to interact in the future.

Even if they cancel their subscription, Fortnite Crew subscribers will continue to access Rocket Pass Premium for the rest of the Rocket League Season. This also holds true for the Battle Pass for Fortnite Battle Royale.

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Rocket Pass Premium in Rocket League

Players must log in with the same Epic account they use for their Fortnite Crew subscription to guarantee access to Rocket Pass Premium in Rocket League. Players can subscribe to Rocket Pass Premium to access weekly challenges and win more in-game Rocket League rewards.

You may learn more about the Rocket Pass Premium for the current Rocket League Season on the Rocket League website. A player who is a member of Fortnite Crew will automatically receive the Rocket Pass Premium for each new Rocket League Season that is launched during that season.

This also holds for the Battle Pass for Fortnite Battle Royale. Before signing up for Fortnite Crew, players who had already purchased the current Rocket League Season’s Rocket Pass Premium or the Fortnite Battle Royale Season’s Battle Pass will each receive a one-time refund of 1000 Credits or 950 V-Bucks.

Players still have some time to complete this battle pass even if purchasing it now means getting a late start on it because this new Rocket League season began in March and is expected to expire in June.

This may only be a benefit that’s valuable for those who haven’t yet purchased the Rocket Pass Premium, as the facts concerning this Epic Games crossover didn’t indicate what would happen, if anything, to those who currently possess the pass and are also Fortnite Crew members.

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In conclusion, the announcement of the Rocket League Premium Pass Too 2023 for Fortnite Crew Subscribers is an exciting development for fans of both games. This collaboration between two popular titles is sure to bring new and exciting content to players, and the extended timeline of the Premium Pass ensures that subscribers will have plenty of time to enjoy all that it has to offer. Whether you’re a die-hard Rocket League fan or a dedicated Fortnite player, this partnership is definitely worth keeping an eye on. So buckle up, grab your controller, and get ready for some high-flying, goal-scoring action!

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