Epic Games Store Free Games For April 6 Announced

Since it opened in 2018, the Epic Games Store has always let people download games for free. Epic Games Store Membership is a paid membership, just like PlayStation Plus, Xbox Game Pass, Amazon Prime, and other subscription services.

Even in 2023, the Epic Games Shop will still give away free games every week. The only catch is that it’s free if you buy something from Epic’s marketplace.

If you have an account at the Epic Store, sign in and add these free games to your collection, even if you don’t plan to play them right away. Check back often to see what’s free and what’s coming up.

Tunche and The Silent Age, two new free games from the Epic Games Store, are out today. They will be available until March 6. At that time, Dying Light: Enhanced Edition and Blazing Sails will replace the two games in the Epic Games Store.

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Epic Games Store’s News To Fans

The Epic Games Store usually puts out great indie games that fans may have yet to hear of. This hat is worn by Blazing Sails but not by Dying Light. It sometimes puts out bigger AAA games, especially with its mystery game bonuses and other things. It’s a rare treat, but next week would be a great time to get into the Dying Light series if you haven’t already.

Tunche, on the other hand, is a hand-drawn co-op action game with roguelike elements that comes first. Players try to bring peace back to the Amazon rainforest as one of five characters/classes: Rumi (a sorceress), Pancho (a musician), Qaru (a bird boy), Nayra (a warrior), or Hat Kid.

On the other hand, the Silent Age is a point-and-click adventure video game where players must discover why people have gone extinct and save them.

In Dying Light, players take on the role of Kyle Crane and go to the Harran quarantine zone in search of information that could cure the zombie virus that has spread through the city. When Dying Light comes out, they will be taken away to make room for it. These video games will be available at 10 a.m. CT.

epic games store - free games - nexus of gaming

The Dying Light: The Following expansion is one of the extra things with the Enhanced Edition. This adds a new open-world area with buggies that can be changed and a cult called the Children of the Sun. It also comes with everything from the season pass, such as multiplayer game modes, extra missions, items, and more.

Blazing Sails is a game players can use to make their own pirate and ship, which they can then use in PvP. With different maps, weapons, and game modes, such as Treasure Hunt and Battle Royale. Even though it’s a lot smaller, it might satisfy the same need as Sea of Thieves or fill the space left by Skull and Bones.

From March 30 to April 6, gamers can get “The Silent Age” and “Tunche” for free on the Epic Games Store. Players like these games, and you can be sure that they will keep you busy for hours.

epic games store - free games - nexus of gaming

Dying Light: Enhanced Edition” will also be free to play from April 6 to April 13, 2023. This action-packed game takes place in a world after the end of the world. It has intense combat and movement like parkour. All of the DLC content for the game is included in the Enhanced Edition, which makes it an even better deal.

Free good games and low-budget indie games are always available on the Epic Games Store, but fans always want to see new and exciting games. The Tomb Raider Trilogy, Kerbal Space Program, and Grand Theft Auto V are all big hits on the Epic Games Store in the past. You can get these games for free if you have an Epic Games Store account.

Well, there you have it! Keep an eye out for the latest content Nexus of Gaming will be posting soon! Stay tuned.

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