Elden Ring Player Defeats Tough Boss After Six Months Of Trying Finally

After trying for six months, one Elden Ring fan finally defeats the tough boss. Elden Ring game players will encounter numerous challenging bosses and mini-bosses throughout all their playthroughs, with some of them being named to be among the most challenging fights in FromSoftware’s range of games.

Now while there are many tough bosses in the main quest of the famous game, and some of the toughest fights are found in late-game optional areas. Melania is widely considered the most difficult boss in the game, with Alecto and Godskin Duo, who are famously known for their complications. But now, there is one Elden Ring player who has finally defeated a main story boss after many months of attempts.

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So Who Cracked The Code In Defeating The Tough Boss in Elden Ring? Find it on Nexus of Gaming

A Reddit user made a new post confirming that they finally defeated The Black Blade, Maliketh, after trying for more than six months. In the Reddit post, the Elden Ring player has mentioned that the player uninstalled Elden Ring twice because the user couldn’t beat Maliketh but later on he was finally able to do so by giving it another go. The player makes a note of the satisfaction of beating a challenging boss, but the Reddit users in the comments section later on pointed to one of the main reasons why they failed for around six months.

As seen in the image, the Reddit User has a little bit of health pool for this game stage, as they have been ignoring all the vigor while leveling up in Elden Ring. Also, Malekith is one of the final few mandatory bosses in the game, along with FromSoftware probably balanced this battle around a much larger pool of health. There have been some users who have joked that the Reddit user who hacked the code will uninstall the game once more after facing the next story, where boss Gideon makes his arrival, followed by a discussion of the fight’s difficulty and how the game’s players can defeat him.

Also, there have been a majority of the comments to talk about how low the vigor stat was , with one wondering why the Reddit gamer continued to push through. Some players also point out that the Reddit user has a 5% health debuff after hugging Fia in Elden Ring, which makes the fight all the more challenging. While Maliketh is considered difficult, the game players have agreed that the Reddit player would not have taken six months to beat him with a bigger health pool. And the rest of the comments feature more Elden Ring tips, with the game’s fans discussing strategies for the various bosses in the game.

Now, gamers should note that Bandai Namco is hosting a special Elden Ring event on February 25 to mark its 1st anniversary. And while there hasn’t been any confirmation of DLC announcements at this event, there has been a recent update to Elden Ring’s Steam page suggesting that there might be new content brewing and will be shared very soon.

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