All GTA 6 Locations And Events Revealed In Major Leaks

A rumored Vice City map for GTA 6 has been online. It depicts a size larger than GTA 5’s Los Santos and Blaine County map, despite the fact that this most recent leak is smaller than those seen in earlier leak videos.

One of the most often discussed subjects in the Grand Theft Auto community is Grand Theft Auto 6, and the conversation still needs to be completed. Media from the September 2022 leaks further supported rumors that Vice City would make a comeback in the forthcoming game.

Fans and data miners have discovered a wealth of leaked information on the game’s plot and setting, despite Rockstar Games’ lack of an official statement on the subject.

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The Leaked GTA 6 Map Of Vice City Appears To Be Bigger Than Los Santos

Numerous theories about Rockstar’s much anticipated sixth entry in the Grand Theft Auto series, including its setting and female protagonist, were confirmed by the infamous GTA 6 leaks from 2022.

The leaks gave gamers an indication of how big the next open-world game will be based on Rage Engine Units in the clip and showcasing stunning next-gen graphics.

As a result, the GTA VI Vice City Mapping Project has offered an in-depth look at how huge the world will be, and it completely outclasses anything Los Santos from GTA 5 has to offer.

On March 16, 2023, a Reddit user, posted a comparison between the Grand Theft Auto 5 map and a leaked map that was allegedly from Grand Theft Auto 6. The State of San Andreas appeared noticeably smaller than the territory we might see in the forthcoming game when the user placed both maps side by side.

The famous Vice City Beach Island and Starfish Island from Grand Theft Auto Vice City are featured on this new map. The huge landmass shown in the photograph appears to have grown out of the Vice City Mainland Island.

GTA 6 - Leaks - Nexus of Gaming

The Vice City Mainland Island is surrounded by a number of smaller islands, two lakes, two mountains, and a marsh. The Redditor continued, saying:

“The files contain numerous Cities/Towns, like York Town, Red Hill, etc. The majority of these places are north of Port Gelhorn, expanding the map’s northern extent.

On March 5, 2023, Tez2 (Twitter/TezFunz2), a well-known Rockstar Games insider and data miner, revealed that the game developer might think about removing the day-one release content from the game and releasing it later as DLCs. This is true even though the map appears to be large and has more green areas.

Because none of the material above has been officially confirmed by Rockstar Games, readers should treat it cautiously. However, given the opinions of numerous insiders, DLC fragmentation is approaching.

GTA 6 - Leaks - Nexus of Gaming

There is no set a date for the release of GTA 6. The enormous GTA 6 Vice City map suggests Vice City will be the next location in the action-adventure game. Given that Vice City is a well-known location, Rockstar’s strategy is sound. The same place will host more adventure for players than in the original scenario. Players may freshly discover Vice City if the environment were like something out of a catastrophe film with bad weather.

In addition, Rockstar still needs to release a GTA 6 trailer. Fans are still determining how the new game will play and how it will differ from GTA 5 as a result of the current circumstances. According to a leaked map and video, Rockstar is reportedly working on a new, huge map and mechanics.

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