A Skyrim User Fights A Dragon In Midair While Talking To NPC


One of the game’s several side tasks requires the player to defend themselves against a dragon while stuck hundreds of feet in the air due to a bug. Many would think that by this point, people would have forgotten about Bethesda’s 2011 epic RPG. Still, with so many ways to play The Elder Scrolls 5 and the constant stream of fan mods, the adventures of the Dragonborn continue to come up in conversation.

Everyone who has played the game understands how important dragons are to Skyrim. When they understood they had to bring one down, many fans will recall their first experience with one. They play a significant role in the game’s plot and are not simply powerful avian creatures that soar overhead. They are magnificent creatures, but as one gamer discovered, they frequently appear at the worst possible times.

A user recently demonstrated how a dragon could appear virtually anywhere and anytime during a Skyrim playing in a Reddit post. The player is assaulted by one of the creatures in a brief clip, but not while lying on the ground. The Dragonborn is pulled into the air during this incident, which takes place at the beginning of the talk with Meridia and the beginning of a new side quest.

The flying scaly beast, however, didn’t seem to be deterred and thought that this was the ideal time to start a fight, forcing the Reddit user to battle the dragon while floating in the air.

Many people believe that the quest involving Meridia is among Skyrim’s most tedious quests. The Meridia’s Beacon is a treasure that the Dragonborn may come across while exploring the country. Unbeknownst to people just starting the game, the side mission will start right once it is picked up.

Although the player has the option to disregard the summons to the Statue of Meridia, they were duped into picking up the beacon. The mission’s beginning, though, would be made considerably more irritating if a dragon had to be fought in midair.

Many of the numerous bugs in TES5 are generally unimportant or even humorous. Nevertheless, despite its reputation among gamers, it’s still regarded as one of the best single-player games in recent memory. Even those who don’t like it can’t dispute how trendy it has gotten even with all its flaws.

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