50 Cent Might Be Teasing Grand Theft Auto 6

Rapper 50 Cent uploaded a picture of the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City logo to Instagram with the caption; he wrote, “I will explain this later,” and included a picture of the Vice City logo in neon pink. “Trust me, this is bigger than POWER.” He appears to be hinting at some sort of appearance in Grand Theft Auto 6.

50 Cent Teases GTA Fans

It’s no secret that 50 Cent enjoys playing video games. He is actually one of the select few rappers to have two successful video game releases. Before he followed up with 50 Cent: Blood In The Sand, 50 Cent: Bulletproof was released at the height of his career. They undoubtedly showed that Fif was one of the best marketers in the rap game, even though they didn’t necessarily result in the kind of critical acclaim or fan base that rivals games like Call of Duty.

50 Cent - Grand Theft Auto 6 - Nexus of Gaming

Unfortunately, the number of artists creating their own video games has drastically decreased. The legendary rap label has acknowledged recent calls for the return of Def Jam: Fight For NY, but there haven’t been any significant updates in that time.

But there’s no denying that Grand Theft Auto has introduced more rappers to their world, like Dr. Dre, who appeared in The Contract. Even though GTA 6 is rumored to be coming out soon, it’s not clear who might be playing in the game.

It’s possible that 50 Cent will appear through one of GTA’s radio stations in Vice City—the setting, not the game—since these stations have long been praised for their carefully chosen song selections across a range of genres. The use of Vice City’s logo by 50 Cent may be related to the long-held rumor that GTA 6 will transport us back to Liberty City and San Andreas after the events of GTA 4 and GTA 5.

50 Cent - Grand Theft Auto 6 - Nexus of Gaming

Grand Theft Auto 6’s Rumoured Special Appearances

Artists have also made appearances in games as characters in addition to radio stations. Franklin and Dr. Dre both recently received updates for Grand Theft Auto Online, so 50 Cent may be a real character in GTA 6. This might be a brief cameo, a regular guest spot, or something completely different.

The leaks from last year confirm the rumors that we’re returning to the city after 21 years. Vice City is GTA’s fictionalized representation of Miami. The leaked images showed a woman walking down the street and a man holding a diner. Palm trees, a Vice City landmark, are visible on this road.

Rockstar itself verified these leaks, so we know they’re accurate. This information is now more widely known in light of 50 Cent’s Instagram post and GTA 6’s return to Vice City. Whatever the case, it’s unclear what his function will be. Some think that since he said, “I will explain this later,” a statement may soon be made that clarifies everything. But all we can do is guess, so don’t take 50 Cent’s statements too seriously.

50 Cent - Grand Theft Auto 6 - Nexus of Gaming

Rockstar hasn’t provided any information about the potential partnership, but there have previously been some discussions about a Grand Theft Auto-based television show.

However, a forthcoming show based on Grand Theft Auto: Vice City could be a big hit thanks to 50 Cent’s recent non-exclusive deal with Fox to produce TV content. Fans are still anticipating fresh GTA 6 information.

Just a year ago, 53 minutes of online gameplay were leaked, and several gaming websites suggested that the game would be released the following year or the year after. 50 Cent’s most recent post may demonstrate his participation in the eagerly anticipated video game. We’ll let you know if there are any new developments.

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