5 Video Game Boss Fights That Should Be Crimes Against Humanity

5 Video Game Boss Fights That Should Be Crimes Against Humanity in 2023

5 Video Game Boss Fights That Should Be Crimes Against Humanity in 2023

Boss fights are a mainstay of video games, whether you love them or detest them. Some serve as skill tests, while others might give significant, thematic moments after a protracted voyage. The awful ones are the next group.

The killjoys and the encounters that are overhyped and end up being nothing at all, or that make you want to throw your gaming controller against a wall and delete your save file permanently. These are the boss battle kinds that are being discussed here. The boss fights we’d rather just miss, whether intensely frustrating nightmares or climactic moments that just fall flat, are listed below.

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In Star Fox 64 – Andross

The majority of Star Fox 64 is a wonderfully cheery, upbeat game where you and your animal friends take on the role of the Lylat System’s heroes. It’s not very frightful, at least not until you encounter the confusing (and incredibly disturbing) last fight.

Andross taunts you throughout the game, but when you finally come face to face with him, you only see his enormous head and pair of floating hands. After dealing with the head, he will either come at you as a newly unveiled robotic skull, depending on the path you follow to reach his home planet of Venom, or you’ll join an arena combat where you must take out his enormous brain. The boss fight is incredibly bizarre and out of character for the rest of the game.

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Final Fantasy X – Seymour Flux

Four times in Final Fantasy X, you face off against Seymour, and each encounter is one of the game’s most unforgettable scenes. But no confrontation is more infamous than the third conflict with Seymour Flux at the summit of Mt. Gagazet.

Unexpectedly, a ton of fresh gameplay concepts are thrown at you in this challenging battle. He can cast Zombie status on your team and kill you by healing, half of his kit is team wipes, and thanks to the excruciatingly long, skippable cutscene that occurs right before the scrap, you have time to think back on what you’ve learned on each succeeding attempt.

Even for a fight that occurs so late in the game, Seymour Flux feels unfair in a lot of ways. One of the most obvious forced grinds in the game is when your characters need high-level abilities and defenses just to survive most of his attacks. My recommendation? Simply summon all of your Aeons and launch Overdrive assaults. Yes, it won’t be as rewarding, but it will be preferable to tearing out your hair. — Ken Shepard

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EarthBound – Giygas

As a rather quirky, eccentric, and kid-friendly role-playing game, EarthBound is affectionately remembered. And that has been the case for around 30 hours. But after that, Giygas, the ultimate boss, appears. He is only a rather odd and Earthbound-like alien in his first form, a mechanical tank resembling a spider. However, when he loses that form, things become extremely unsettling.

Giygas’ real form, or at least what you can perceive it to be, is a horrifying swirl of black and red with a nightmare-like visage contorted in a never-ending scream. As the struggle progresses, the soundtrack changes to a much quicker and ominous rhythm. Then things just start getting stranger and darker as the faces continue to change and eventually turn into something that is like alien TV static from hell. You cannot comprehend the full shape of Giygas’ strike, and the game ominously reminds you.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Dark Beast Ganon

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has everything revolving around your final boss battle with Ganon, the game’s villain. Your first major goal in “Destroy Ganon” is a beautifully brief mission statement. To prepare for the predetermined battle, you can either make your way slowly through Hyrule, liberating all of the Divine Beasts, or you can go HAM and rush Hyrule Castle right away. You will encounter the last boss in any case. It’s not nearly as final as in many “final” boss battles in video games.

You can see that Ganon gets stronger once you defeat him. The only issue is that Ganon, the new Dark Beast, is absurdly simple to defeat. The first-round enemy, Calamity Ganon, mixes attacks from the lesser Blight Ganons you’ll run against while attempting to release the Divine Beasts. All of that has been seen before, but Calamity Ganon at least raises the stakes.

However, Dark Beast Ganon is a worn-out wreck. You fly via updrafts while firing an endless supply of arrows at him. That boss trick in the second half only works if the second half frightens me, and we muster up all my remaining willpower to force myself to finish the challenge. Dark Beast Ganon, however, merely deflates my paraglider. Liz Marie Segarra

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Silent Hill 2 – Pyramid Head

Fighting Pyramid Head is relatively easy compared to some of the other bosses on this list. The first time you encounter him, you can just avoid him by staying still and waiting for him to disappear. Additionally, he travels really slowly.

Pyramid Head’s look, like that of the rest of Silent Hill 2, makes him instantly recognizable, and 20 years later, no other medium has genuinely attempted to replicate it. The continual sound of the emergency sirens in the background and the run-down surroundings create an unmatched sense of dread that really amps up the fear no matter how you approach the fight with him.


In conclusion, video game boss fights are meant to be challenging and rewarding experiences for players. However, there are some boss fights that go beyond the realm of difficulty and become downright frustrating and unfair. The five video game boss fights mentioned in this article, including Ornstein and Smough from Dark Souls, The Water Temple Boss from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and The End from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, should be considered crimes against humanity for their extreme difficulty and unfair mechanics. These bosses not only test a player’s skill but also their patience and mental fortitude. While some may argue that these bosses add to the overall experience of the game, it is important to remember that games should be enjoyable and not cause undue stress or frustration. As developers continue to create challenging boss fights, they should strive to find a balance between difficulty and fairness to ensure that players can enjoy the game without feeling like they are being punished for playing it.

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