5 Best 32-Inch Monitors To Buy In April

The ideal monitors for your needs will ultimately depend on your usage and spending capacity. Although 32-inch displays are less widely used than 27-inch monitors, they are becoming increasingly popular. Numerous models offer the same fantastic features seen on other sizes, such as cutting-edge gaming capabilities like FreeSync, 4k panels with high resolution, and, more recently, HDR with HDMI 2.1 bandwidth. There are other aspects to consider, such as its motion handling and input lag, so the gaming performance is not dependent on the size.

The use of gaming displays between 27 and 34 inches has increased over the last few years. Without a doubt, a screen size of 27 inches is ideal for most gamers, but other people want a wider viewing area for a more immersive experience. The top 32-inch gaming monitors available in 2023 are listed below. For them, 32 inches can be the ideal size.

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S3222DGM By Dell

The Dell S3222DGM is a superb choice for the best gaming monitor due to its fantastic image quality, wealth of features, and customary sturdy build quality. A 2560 x 1440 curved VA panel with up to 165 Hz support for AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync sits at the core of this display.

The 1800R curved VA panel in the S3222DGM has an exceptional contrast ratio. The VA panels of the S3222DGM reached 4209:1 in our tests when the IPS competition frequently struggles to break much over 1,000:1. In addition, the display reproduced 85% of the DCI-P3 color gamut and 122% of the sRGB color gamut in our tests, with a remarkable gamut error rate of 2.07dE.

The S3222DGM has one DisplayPort 1.2 port and two HDMI 2.0 connectors for connectivity. It’s easier to argue against the Dell S3222DGM if you’re seeking a great gaming monitor that will stay within the budget.

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Odyssey Neo G7 S32BG75 From Samsung

Check out the less expensive Samsung Odyssey Neo G7 S32BG75 if you want to save money or don’t think you’ll use the 240Hz refresh rate of the Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 S32BG85 to its maximum potential. It is virtually the same monitor; the key distinction is that it has a lower refresh rate of 165 Hz, which makes it less future-proof for high-frame-rate gaming but still gives gamers a quick refresh rate. The Xbox Series X and PS5 can play 4k games at up to 120 frames per second without any problems thanks to HDMI 2.1, and they also feature variable refresh rate (VRR) technology to lessen screen tearing.

This monitor displays a wide variety of colors and has a respectable HDR peak brightness, sufficient to make highlights pop. As a result, HDR video looks fantastic on it. Due to its high native contrast ratio and respectable local dimming capability, it looks fantastic in dimly lit spaces. It gets very bright even if you want to use it in a bright setting, and the reflection control is outstanding, so visibility isn’t an issue.

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AW2524H 500 Hz By Alienware, 500 Hz

The Alienware AW2524H raises its flag in the air as the first 500Hz gaming display in the world. Despite the widespread use of 360Hz displays today, Dell’s latest model guarantees no frame drops or motion blur thanks to top graphics cards exceeding 400+ frames per second.

The AW2524H commands a 2ms advantage in control lag over its 360Hz competitors and its overall performance. The AW2524H is a fantastic weapon in your toolbox if you play competitively. The AW2524H is one of the greatest gaming monitors on the market when you factor in Alienware’s customary exceptional build quality and color performance.

The AW2524H has no significant shortcomings; however, you will require top-tier hardware to exploit its potential fully. A GeForce RTX 4090 graphics processor and a powerful Alder Lake or Raptor Lake processor are required. The AW2524H is significantly more expensive than its 360Hz competitors, which is another factor to consider. For instance, the AW2524H costs $829.99, whereas the Asus ROG Swift PG259QN is available at roughly $450.

But the Alienware AW2524H is tough to beat for gamers with the cash and the hardware to exploit it properly.

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LG 32GN650-B

There are a few solid options if you need a 32-inch monitor on a tight budget, but some of these models don’t perform well. A monitor with a few useful functions, such as the LG 32GN650-B, can enhance a pleasant user experience.

It is inferior to the LG 32GP850-B since it is less bright and handles motion more poorly, but if you want to use it for gaming, it still boasts a 165Hz refresh rate. Like the 32GP850-B, it also features a 1440p resolution, but because the text is less clear, you might need to raise the scale.

The 32GN650-B features a different panel type, resulting in a higher native contrast for deeper blacks, which is the main distinction between these two monitors. However, it also has worse viewing angles, so if you sit close or share your screen with a companion, its edges will appear overexposed. Fortunately, even if you can’t swivel it, the stand’s ergonomics are respectable because you can tilt it and change the height.

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GNV34DBE By Viotek

A high-performing and reasonably priced curved gaming monitor is the Viotek GNV34DBE. While gaming, its 1500R curve added an immersive touch and filled our peripheral view. We discovered the GNV34DBE to be suitable for working despite its tight curve. We appreciated having numerous windows open for increased productivity, and there was no distortion.

However, it goes beyond the GNV34DBE curve alone. Additionally, during our tests, you receive a 144 Hz refresh rate, input lag, and reaction speeds that are maintained up with 144 Hz competitors. On the battlefield, we experienced freesync’s smooth gaming without any screen tearing and the great pixel density of a 1440p screen. Additionally, color and contrast were on par with more expensive game monitors.

The GNV34DBE also makes a fantastic HDR display with its edge-lit backlight, substantially improving your average SDR monitor. The stand’s construction quality is poor, given its inexpensive cost. But the Viotek GNV34DBE is a good price if you want a quick gaming monitor with a good curve.

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